Year of writing and not shopping: I’m noticing a change

Adulting in your 30s
2 min readJan 3, 2024

I’m still not writing on a schedule

The writing is still an after thought. After I’ve gone through my day, and I suddenly realize I need to write now otherwise I will miss the day.

In the morning, I started writing my Morning Pages from Julia Camerion’s The Artist’s Way. This is a manual writing. More journaling, that I’m trying to do first thing in the morning.

Is this also a form of journaling? I hope to impart some wisdom, but maybe not yet.

Not shopping takes a load off my mind

I live in a neighborhood with a lot of shops. I enjoy the liveliness and the window shopping. But t now that I’ve decided not to shop, something feels different.

The shops don’t necessarily feel like temptations. I still enjoy looking in the window and admiring the colors and designs. But now there is a new sense of calm or peace that I haven’t quite expected before. This feeling of, ok, that’s there, but I’m not partaking.

It’s almost a relief, a mental load removed, that I no longer have to keep making on the fly decisions on whether or not to go into a shop.

Honestly, I didn’t realize before that I was constantly making this decision whenever I walked by a shop, and that it was taking energy to do so.

Having my mind pre-made up feels freeing.

Walking by a shop with 50% off sign and not even considering walking in feels like a win.

I still want to buy things.

Part of me wishes I bought more things before the year started…but so far it feels good to not buy anything.

Let’s see how the coming months go.

Days writing: 3 | Days not shopping: 3 | Days not drinking: 3



Adulting in your 30s

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