Why I’m No Longer Drinking Alcohol

Dry January was just an excuse

Adulting in your 30s


At the start of the year, like most people, I felt like I needed to have some new year resolutions. Something big. Actionable. Dramatic.

My gut feeling told me that I should try to quit alcohol.

It’s not that I was drinking a lot anymore, but I often found myself having one drink, socially, and then wishing I hadn’t.

True, one drink is no big deal. I don’t feel drunk. I can’t quite say that it noticeably impacts my sleep. Except, I know it does.

The social stigma of not drinking

I wanted to quit drinking altogether, but it felt dramatic. Could I really do it? Had I thought it through? I do love cocktails, and peated whiskey, and sparking wine, and dry red wine…why am I suddenly giving them up?

What stressed me out the most is how I would communicate this to other people. Would they understand? Would I need to justify myself? It shouldn’t matter, but we are social beings, and I haven’t mastered the art of not giving a fuck at all, so it mattered.

Luckily, there was the socially accepted concept of Dry January. It’s a thing. Many people did it. So, I figured if I said I was doing Dry January, people would get it. No one would question it. I could ease into my alcohol free life smoothly.

And it worked. Whenever I said I’m not drinking, people assumed — ohh you’re doing Dry January.

Yes, yes I am.

But actually, am I doing Dry Forever?

What happens after Dry January?

January came and went.

Dry January went unexpected well. I found that the people around me were mostly mature enough to respect my decision and rarely did someone try to peer pressure me into drinking or tell me I’m being lame.

And I felt good.

I didn’t miss the alcohol.

I was sleeping earlier and waking up refreshed.

I had no interest to pick up drinking again. I was also curious how much longer I could hold off drinking. A personal challenge.



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