Unleash Your Inner Badass: The Art of Being Confidently Yourself on Dates

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Adulting in your 30s


Ah, the thrill of a date — the excitement, the potential, and of course, the nerve-wracking fear of saying something that makes you want to crawl under the table.

If you’re like me, the more attracted you are to someone, the more your eloquence takes an impromptu vacation and you turn into a blabbering teenager. But fear not, fellow daters! It’s time to embrace your inner badass and exude confidence, even when you feel like your charm has taken a detour.

The Curse of Attraction: Why Do We Lose Our Cool?

Let’s face it — the more we feel attraction towards someone, the more our brain decides to throw a party without an invitation. Suddenly, you’re stumbling over your words, your mind goes blank, and you’re left wondering if your charm got stuck in traffic. But fear not, this is a common affliction that even the smoothest operators suffer from.

The Paradox of Not Giving a Damn: Confidence in Disinterest

Now, let’s talk about the weird paradox that occurs when you’re just not that into someone. Suddenly, you’re the shit — confident, witty, and effortlessly charming. You ask the questions on your mind without worrying about what they will think. It’s like your subconscious whispers, “Eh, who cares? I’ve got nothing to lose.” Well, dear reader, it’s time to harness that carefree spirit even when the stakes are high.

Embrace Your Awkward: It’s Your Superpower

Awkward is the new cool. Rather than trying to suppress those quirky moments and uncomfortable silences, own them! Want to ask them something personal? Go for it! You made a joke that landed like a lead balloon? Embrace the cringe. By accepting the awkward, you’re not only being true to yourself but also showing that you can roll with the punches.

Be Honest About Your Nerves (Bonus Points for Humor)

Confidence also means vulnerability, not faking it. Share your nerves, make light of them, and watch as the tension melts away. A simple, “You…



Adulting in your 30s

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