Three great reasons to have kids

I have thought about this a lot

Adulting in your 30s


As I wrote in I thought I would be married with kids at 30. I’m now 36 and single , I have finally decided to start saying out loud that I don’t want to have kids.

It’s been a load off my shoulder.

But I suppose I am open to them.

If I meet the right person? If I suddenly just felt like it?

Anyway, I’ve done a lot of thinking on reasons to have kids:

All your friends are doing it

Wouldn’t it be nice? To not be left out? You can complain about the struggles of parenthood together. Have playdates and disjointed conversations and laugh about it. Share tips on diaper changing. Babysit for each other.

Plus, if you don’t, who will you hang out with now that everyone has a kid?

God forbid you’ll have to make new friends?! Give me that baby now.

You’re curious to try it out

But really, shouldn’t we try most things once in life? Especially something as fulfilling as having your own human being?

I’ve always heard about the amazing, deep love one feels for their children, and I can’t begin to imagine what that feels like.

Don’t you want to find out for yourself?

You might get bored otherwise

Realistically, what are you doing to do with the next 40+ years of your life if you don’t have a kid? Continue learning, traveling, and pursuing your hobbies?


Wouldn’t that get boring after a while?

Having a kid would be a great next life challenge now that you’ve tackled getting a degree, finding a partner, and buying property.

Fill up that American dream stamp card!

In case this has offended someone, I would call out that this piece is pure sarcasm. These are of course all the wrong reasons to have kids.

Perhaps one day I’ll come up with better ones.

Until then, I’m keeping an eye out for friends who’ve also declared themselves for the child-less life.

I will still need people to hang out with, after all.



Adulting in your 30s

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