Three factors to consider before making a drastic career move

To quit or not to quit?

Adulting in your 30s


It happens to all of us.

When we start a new job, everything is new and exciting.

We feel motivated to go to work each day.

We feel challenged by all the new information coming our way.

And then we seemingly run out of steam. Did we change? Did the job change?

Either way, we start to lost interest in our job, wondering if a new job is what we need to spruce things up.

Is a new job what you need though? Or is your current job salvageable?

According to the self determination theory, a framework that attempts to explain our intrinsic motivation, there are three factors that determine our job satisfaction:

Note: This assessment doesn’t apply in case of toxic or abusive work environment. This is more for situations where there is nothing blatantly wrong with your job, yet you feel somehow dissatisfied and itching for a change.

Competence: I Matter

In a job that fulfills our need for competence, we feel like our abilities matter, and that they are being leveraged to make things happen.

We feel challenged by our work, and we feel that we are always learning and growing our competence.

Reflect on your current job. Do you feel like you have been learning and growing? If not, why is that? What are the areas you want to grow in, and what actions can you take to feel more challenged and learn more in that topic?

Autonomy: I’m In Control

When we have autonomy, we have a say in what we do. We feel we can influence decisions, and it’s within our power to impact change.

Even if we work at a big company, despite a goal coming from up top, we feel empowered to decide how we will help the company reach the goal.

We are not blindly following directions, rather we are suggesting ideas and the ideas are being listened to.

Reflect on your job situation. Do you feel that you have ownership? If not, was this always the case? If you feel like you lost automomy over time, what changed? Is there anything you can do, anyone you can talk to in order to feel like you have control over your own fate again?



Adulting in your 30s

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