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It’s Autumn in Berlin, and we just got a two day preview of Winter with opaque grey skies, incessant drizzle of rain, and temperature in the 40s.

I never thought weather has a huge impact on me, but the last I really didn’t want to leave the house. They felt like perfect weather to stay home and do nothing

Except staying home doesn’t necessarily means I get to chill and do nothing. There is still that pesky thing called work.

Also, instead of staying home, I had busy days planned and was forced to be out and about.

I put on my full Iceland rain gear and cycled to a spin class on a my e-bike (the irony?). By the afternoon, I gave up on cycling and took the U-bahn (subway for my Americans) to an apartment viewing.

And wow, I used to think I was fine taking the train, but having upgraded to a bike the last few months, I definitely do not miss the U-bahn. It was extra crowded thanks to the rain, poorly ventilated, and just not pleasant at all.

The apartment I was looking at sits right at the border of two hip districts — Mitte and Kreuzberg. Mitte, which literally means middle, is exactly that (Germans are creative). It’s the city center, with hip cafes serving 4 euro cappucinos, slightly too expensive shopping chains like Lululemon and Le Labo.

Kreuzberg on the other hand, is the grungy, artistic sibling. It’s main U-bahn station, Kottbusser Tor, lovingly nicknamed Kotti, is known for it’s enduring urine scent and you can option find people shooting up in the corners of the station.

That said, Kreuzberg also has cute cafes, trendy farm to table restaurants (cash only), just with a more edgy vibe.

You can even see it in the way people dress. Tattoos are a prerequisite, and I’m definitely not cool enough for Kreuzberg.

Back to the apartment. It’s a new building from 2011 complete with balcony accessible from all rooms an floor heating. Floor heating is one of those things that you didn’t know you needed until you experienced it and can never go back.

While the apartment sits between two cool, walkable neighborhoods (people call it kiez here), the…



Adulting in your 30s

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