Medium 365 day challenge: Day 2 — I’m not feeling the momentum yet

How many days before everything start feeling like an effortless habit?

Adulting in your 30s


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Days writing: 2

Days not shopping: 2

Days not drinking: 2

Following a schedule to write is hard!

Day two and I already missed my planned schedule of writing at midday. My excuse? I went for a pilates class at noon.

But really, there is no excuse, because I definitely had time in the morning. But I was just…dilly daddling. Doing random small tasks. Nothing meaningful.

So, I have yet to truly begin this habit, but at least I’m writing now.

The temptation to shop is everywhere

And I already had my first temptation to buy something. I sell my used clothes on Vinted, but every time I open Vinted, I’m shown curated recommendations of things to buy. The algorithm is getting pretty good since I had been browsing and liking a lot of things the past months.

Today, I saw a Uniqlo sweater that I had been wanting to buy for a few months. I even bought it in the store but ended up returning it when I came to my senses that the size was not right.

Today, the sweater was there, the right size, the right color, good condition, good price. Normally I would have pulled the trigger.

But I can’t break my promise to myself already on day two!

That would be…sad, to say the least.

I tried to rationalize: It’s an used item. Or, what if I get rid of my item from my closet to swap it in?

But I knew deep down, first of all, that I did not need this sweater. My sweater drawer, as I said yesterday, is already more than full.

Plus, I already have a white mockneck sweater. It’s a different material and slightly different look, but probably no one else would notice the difference besides me.

I feel a bit disappointed, like I’m losing out on a good deal. But I also feel kind of proud? That I resisted the immediate urge and talked myself down.



Adulting in your 30s

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