If they want to, they will

Stop making excuses for that person you’re dating

Adulting in your 30s


Making excuses for other people

We’ve all been there.

Maybe they were really swamped at work.

Maybe they’re not a texter.

Maybe they dropped their phone in the toilet and it stopped working.

Turn the tables

But in fact, you’ve probably been there yourself, on the giving end of not replying to someone’s text.

Why didn’t you reply?

Were you swamped at work?

Are you not a texter?

Did you drop your phone in the toilet?

Or did you see the text and simply decided to reply later?

Making up reasons

Why did you decide to reply later?

Was it because you were not that into them?

Maybe you were very into them but wanted to play hard to get?

Maybe you were swamped at work.

Maybe you’re not a texter.

Stop overthinking

Just as there could be a million reasons you didn’t reply to someone’s message, there are a million reasons why they didn’t reply to yours.

We are not mind readers, so there is no point guessing.

It only brings stress.

Stop it.

If they want to, they will

But still.

The fact remains that if they want to talk to you, see you, kiss you, devour you, be with you, then they will make it happen.

If they don’t seem so interested. If they don’t initiate dates, if they cancel last minute, chances are they are not that interested.

It sucks, but there is nothing you can do to make them interested.

Correction: it’s not worth your time to try to make them interested.

There’s someone out there who will

Many of them.

While this person is too dim witted to see how awesome you are, there are many people out there who have the wisdom to know when they are in the presence of greatness.

Spend your time with these people.

Dating shouldn’t be so difficult.

Give you energy to someone who gives it back.

Give your time to someone who makes it easy and doesn’t leave you wondering.

You deserve it.

Good luck out there.



Adulting in your 30s

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