Bouncing Back from Being Ghosted: A No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Back Into the Game

Because they’re so not worth your time anyway

Adulting in your 30s
3 min readOct 26, 2023

Where did they go?

We’ve all been there — everything is going well, maybe you’ve been on a few dates even — then suddenly, radio silence. Maybe you’ve convinced yourself that they got into a car accident or they’re just too busy at work. But let’s cut the melodrama and turn the tables.

Why We Make Excuses

You’ve been on both ends of the silent treatment. Maybe work swallowed you whole, or you decided you’re just “not a texter.” But guess what? So has this person you’ve been “dating”. Before you start crafting elaborate theories about their disappearance, consider that they may just not be that into you

Decoding the Delayed Reply Dilemma

Are they playing hard to get, or are they hardly interested?

We’ve all seen a text and decided to dismiss it and reply later. But why? Were you not that into them? Or were you playing the ancient game of hard to get?

Maybe they genuinely dropped their phone in the toilet. The point is, there’s a multitude of reasons, and overthinking only brings you stress. Cut it out.

The Hard Truth — If They Want To, They Will



Adulting in your 30s

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