3 Things I Miss About Living in America

Europe is great, but America has some things right

Adulting in your 30s


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I have always enjoyed traveling and brief stints abroad for study or work. But I never thought I’d be living abroad.

I had already emigrated from Taiwan to the US. I thought that was it. I was here to stay.

But when life brought me to Europe, I was all in. Never had I been more excited about an opportunity. An adventure, a challenge, a new life in an unknown place.

Now that I have been living in Europe for six (!) years, here are some of the things I still miss about life in America.

Stores that open on weekends

Ah, its hard to say not to the convenience. To be able to run errands any day of the week, an usually with later hours. With the exception of Christmas, stores in America are generally open especially on weekends and holidays.

In contrast, in many European countries, you’ll be hard pressed to buy groceries on a Sunday, and forget any shopping.

Not all European cities are like this, but at least in Germany, Spain, Italy, and Luxembourg, this has generally been my experience.

Good old friendly customer service

People who work in service and hospitality in America are generally really friendly. They give off an effervescent joy that really makes you feel heard and supported.

In Germany, you would lucky if the cashier gave you a smile. Expect impatience and annoyance if you try to ask a question.

I don’t need this per se, but I always feel pleasantly surprised by the staff at restaurants and stores when I’m back states side.

Superstores that sell everything

Okay, I’ll come out and just say it. I miss Target!

A store where you can do all your shopping in one place, from groceries to household supplies to over the counter drugs and furniture, home goods, and clothing? Not to mention with good designs and prices.

In Europe, I would have to go to a pharmacy for any drugs, even ibuprofen. A drugstore for household suppliers like…



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